YASKAWA HC DTP Series Use-Cases

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Specifications like high IP67 (dust/liquid proof) protection rating, food-grade grease lubrication in all joints, and a special drip-proof coating allow the robot to be used in certain food-related applications.

Cobot packaging with Yaskawa HC10


The cobot has multiple tasks in the same workstation. First the cobot forms the small cardboard boxes and puts them on a conveyor. After the small cardboard boxes are filled with products, the cobot grabs 8 of them at the same time with a vacuum gripper and places them in a big cardboard box. While the collaborative robot waits for the small boxes to be filled, he forms the big cardboard boxes and creates a buffer.

Application by e-cobot.


Proco Case Packer with Yaskawa Motoman HC-10 Collaborative Robot


  • One gallon bottle packaging
  • Two-pack box packing four boxes at a time.
  • Compact footprint unit on linear guide for additional mobility.
  • Quick tool changing with vacuum or gripper mounting
  • Integrated linear guide and container inverting mechanism
  • Different box variations (Two-packs, Four-packs, Six-packs)
  • HMI for easy operator interface

Application by ProcoMachinery