The 5-axis MOTOMAN MPL100II is a 5-axis Palletizing/Depalletizing Robot with a payload of 115 kg, a horizontal reach of 2,150 mm and a vertical reach of 3,149 mm.
Payload 115 kg
Reach 2.15 mm
Repeatability 0.2 mm
Number of Axes 5
Product mass 950 kg
Payload 110kg | Reach 2210mm
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Lean and compact, the fully integrated internal dressing of our Hollow Wrist robots ensures higher performance and efficiency with lower maintenance costs or production stop risks. In a word, perfection.
Payload 120kg | Reach 2230mm
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Based on an added seventh axis in its second arm, the R-1000iA/120F-7B gains more agility, making it ideal for material handling and spot welding. Nevertheless, its’ compact design enables it to fully operate within small work cells, reaching the same cycle times as the six-axis.
Payload 110kg | Reach 2.236mm
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The GP110 is a compact 6-axis industrial robot with 110 kg payload, 2236 mm reach and excellent repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm. Equipped to handle high payloads for heavy part processing, the powerful six-axis GP110 robot increases productivity for a wide selection of tasks. While high moment and inertia ratings support large and heavy applications, exceptionally quick axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time. The compact design enables high-density robot placement in workcells. Pre-wired with sognal and pneumatic lines, the high-speed GP110 offers simple installation, easy operation and minimal maintenance for increased production output.
Payload 110kg | Reach 2403mm
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Built on the basis of the FANUC M-410 model series, this 4-axes robot stands out based on its slim design and optimised kinematics. These features allow it to perform palletising tasks at a high speed (throughput of 2200 cycles per hour) while making the most efficient use of the available workspace. Compared to the larger models of this series, the M-410iC/110 is considered the fastest palletising robot in its class with a working range of 2,400 mm.
Payload 130kg | Reach 2230mm
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Suitable for a diversity of industries and applications, the new top model of the R-1000iA series comes with a payload of 130 kg. Despite the high payload, the R-1000iA/130F is still able to reach a high level of compactness that allows it to work in small cells - which comes at no cost to its productivity or performance levels.
Payload 130kg | Reach 2050mm
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When performance matters. We deliver the power to drive your automation while ensuring energy savings, costs reduction and higher productivity. Need we say more?
KUKAKR 120 R2500 Pro
Payload 120kg | Reach 2496mm
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The extremely compact, KUKA KR 120 R2500 (KR QUANTEC PRO) robot is ideal for a variety of applications, including palletizing, assembly, spot welding, and more! With reduced interference contours and a slender wrist, the KR 120 R2500 robot is very precise. The KUKA KR 120 R2500 features a 120 kg payload and +/-0.06mm repeatability.
Payload 100kg | Reach 2230mm
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This 6 axis robot has the inherent flexibility to complete any number of challenging jobs. Very fast and capable of realising excellent cycle times, it is particularly suited to a wide range of high-speed spot welding applications. Compact and lightweight, it also saves you space.
Payload 10kg | Reach 2019mm
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Nachi's MC10L Robot incorporates high speed, generous allowable wrist torqe, extended reach capability, and linkless arm design to provide a new standard of functional performance. The MC10L robot achieves superior performance with improved high-speed motion and excellent positional accuracy. This long arm model extends reach to an impressive 2019mm and provides point repeatability of ± 0.06mm. The slim base minimizes required floor space and provides floor or ceiling mounted options to further extend application possibilites and reduce work cell size. Compact arm design reduces interference with peripheral equipment and is also IP65 compliant. Internal air supply lines and signal cabling support numerous applications, optional internal pneumatic valves eliminate the need for shoulder-mounted valve packages.
Payload 100kg | Reach 2400mm
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The Kuka KR 100 comp brings high level sophistication to the toughest application. With light-weight frame components and versatility, the KR 100 KR C2 robot can handle many tasks such as spot welding, plasma cutting, and machine tending. This robot offers a user-friendly PC interface for easy programming and operation. The KR 100 KR C2 modular construction allows for quick changes to tooling, payloads, and reach.