Dobot’s CRA Series: US & German Expansion

Dobot is growing and doing exciting things in different parts of the world. They opened a new office in the United States and started working in Germany. They want to help companies and make their work easier. Let’s talk about these big steps they’re taking:

Dobot’s Big Plans:

In the United States:

Dobot just opened an office in Dallas, USA. This is a big deal because it shows they’re getting bigger in the world. They want to help people and businesses in North America. The new office has a special place where you can see their products, learn about them, and get help when you need it.

In Germany:

Dobot did something similar in Germany. They established a new division within their company called Dobot Europe GmbH and set up an office near Frankfurt. Their primary objective is to foster close collaboration with German companies, particularly those in the automotive and electronics sectors. With a global network of existing connections, they also aspire to expand their circle of friends.

CRA Series

New Cobot Series: CRA:

In the United States:

Dobot is also bringing new robots to the USA. These robots are called the CRA series. They’re really good at doing different jobs, like moving things and checking things. Many types of companies can use them. Think about cars, computers, and making metal stuff. The CRA robots will make these jobs easier.

In Germany:

The same robots are coming to Germany too. This is exciting because it helps German companies work better and faster. Dobot wants to work with many companies, from electronics to metal factories.

What the Robots Can Do:

The CRA robots are strong and smart. They come in seven different types. Some can carry small things, and some can carry heavy things. They can reach far and work precisely. They can do many different jobs like sorting things, sticking them together, and even welding. With these robots, work gets done faster and more accurately.

Fancy Camera:

Dobot also has a new camera called the VX500 Smart Camera. This camera is really good at seeing things and helping the robots. It can even see things that are not straight or level. This makes the robots even smarter and helps them do more jobs.

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