Qviro’s 1 Million Euro Growth Capital

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from Qviro! We’ve got new team members, hosted and joined events, and improved our website’s category pages. Plus, the best part: we’ve raised 1 million euros from investment funds LRM, Industrya, and imec.istart. This money will help us grow our online marketplace for Industry 4.0, so industrial users can make better purchasing decisions. It’s an exciting time for us!

“The fresh capital confirms the potential of the start-up of Qviro.”

It’s important to mention that we’ve received financial support from organizations like Vlerick Business School Entrepreneurship Fund, Vlaio, and Digital Attraxion before.

What makes us unique is that we’re the first review platform in the industrial world. Qviro helps industrial users make smart buying choices, just like how people use review sites for personal stuff. We believe this will change the industry.

We’re proud that thousands of engineers use our platform each month to buy technology. We’re also partners with big industrial companies like ABB (Switzerland), Doosan (Korea), and Kinova (Canada).

So, let’s get started!

Revolutionizing the Industrial Sector: How Online Reviews are Driving Qviro’s Success:

“User reviews are commonly seen on websites and platforms like Tripadvisor,” explains Jorg Hendrikx, co-founder of Qviro.

Qviro’s unique approach involves using reviews in a professional context. They are the pioneers in collecting reviews for the purchase and sale of industrial automation technology on a global scale.

Jorg Hendrikx notes, “These reviews not only assist buyers in making informed choices but also serve as a source of valuable market insights. We provide this data and insights to major industrial companies.”

“As an investment company, LRM has been actively looking for companies that capitalize on Industry 4.0 for years,”
Tom Vanham, general manager at LRM.

Qviro’s innovative business model surpasses existing limitations and perfectly embraces the user review trend, where buyers trust online user experiences. Along with their dedicated management team and successful imec.istart journey, coupled with the support of Industrya, we have strong confidence in Qviro’s ongoing growth.

Global Mindset:

Qviro is currently situated in Genk, and their team also operates from The Beacon in Antwerp, thanks to imec.istart. However, the company follows a ‘remote-first’ culture, which began during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning they’ve been working from home since the beginning. Co-founder Sven De Donder explains, “Additionally, our colleagues are located in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, and Skopje.”

He continues, “Our review platform serves users and customers from all around the world, so it’s essential that we foster a global culture within our team.”

“Qviro was the first start-up to go through our incubation program in 2021. We were immediately impressed with how their innovative business model is providing an evolution in the buying process of technology such as robots and industry 4.0,”
Alexandre Braconnier, Chief Investment Officer of Industrya.

“Qviro was nurtured by a powerful ecosystem in Belgium and is now ready for the world. Together with management and co-investors, Industrya looks forward to supporting Qviro’s international growth.”

For more information and to read the official press release.

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