UR20 Launch @ Automatica 2022

“It can be a lot of different things, what would you want it to be?”

Universal Robots made history 14 years ago by introducing the first collaborative robot. After six years, the cobot market grew by an impressive 50%. Now, on June 21, they’ve unveiled UR20, showing they’re still all about innovation.

The CEO, Kim Povlsen, hinted at this exciting announcement during Automatica. This journey started with UR5, focusing on helping smaller manufacturers and changing how we see automation.

With over 50,000 cobots all around the world, Universal Robots has been doing a great job meeting the market’s demand for easy-to-use, flexible, and ROI-driven solutions.

Pioneering Collaborative Robots:

“This is the future of industrial automation. This is the cobot. Redefined”
– Universal Robots, 2022

There’s a buzz about a new concept robot. Some folks believe it might bring fresh thinking from Kim Povlsen and the leaders at Universal Robots. It’s an exciting moment to share with you.

In the world of robots and machines, where new ideas matter, this is an exciting time. When bright minds and new technology combine, significant changes can occur. This new concept robot is like a puzzle piece, and we’re eager to see where it fits.

We’re at a crucial point where something new could emerge. This could greatly affect how robots and people collaborate. I’m happy to share this news as we eagerly await more details. It’s a time filled with anticipation and enthusiasm as we’re about to discover what this robot news is all about.

We noticed that the new UR robot looks different from the UR16e introduced in 2019. This has sparked speculation that the new robot might be used in different ways, like in the food industry, which UR hasn’t explored before.

Now, let’s compare Universal Robots’ recent robots: the UR16e and the new one, the Universal Robot UR20.





900 mm / 35.4 ins

1750mm / 68.9 ins





Ø 190 mm


16 kg / 35.3 lbs

64kg / 141.1 lbs

What Does All of This Mean?

Universal Robots is changing the world of collaborative automation to match what their customers want. The UR20 is a prime example of this. It’s been completely rethought, redesigned, and carefully built.

The UR20 is impressive. It can carry up to 20 kg and reach 1,750 mm. Its speed has gone up by 65%, making it great for larger workplaces where things need to move quickly. Even with a full 20 kg load, it stays stable and fast. Plus, it can easily work with standard Euro-pallets up to 2 meters in size.

Universal Robots is focusing on three important things with the UR20:

1. Increase Throughput:

Elevate your output and impress clients by delivering more products in less time while upholding top-notch quality.

2. Boost Uptime: 

Offering the swiftest speeds among our cobot family, the UR20 propels your production line forward, ensuring competitiveness.

3. Scale Your Production Capacity:

The keyword for UR20 is “greater.” As a high-performance cobot, UR20 is meticulously crafted to propel you toward your utmost production aspirations.

Will The Older Models Be Outdated?

In the future, they plan to add better motion technology to the current series.

UR20 @ Automatica 2022UR20 @ Automatica 2022

To find out more about Universal Robot UR20.

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