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3FG15 Finger Gripper Pricing

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3FG15 Finger Gripper Overview

What is 3FG15 Finger Gripper?

The OnRobot 3FG15 Finger Gripper stands out as a versatile solution for gripping cylindrical objects, making it particularly well-suited for machine-tending applications like CNC lathe machines. Notably, the gripper's design incorporates automatic centering of workpieces, resulting in swift deployment with a secure and stable grip, while ensuring precise placement. With an impressive payload capacity of up to 15kg, the 3FG15 challenges traditional, larger, and less flexible finger grippers, offering a robust gripping solution for a wide range of industrial tasks.

What sets the OnRobot 3FG15 apart is its capacity to streamline integration with a variety of robot platforms. This compatibility enhances its usability and makes it suitable for diverse automation setups. The gripper's capability to handle substantial loads, its automatic centering feature, and the seamless integration options collectively contribute to its efficiency and effectiveness in various industrial scenarios.

A lesser-known yet significant specification that adds to its uniqueness is the potential for compatibility with specific software systems. The 3FG15's ability to integrate with a range of software platforms enhances its adaptability and simplifies the integration process, making it a valuable asset for industrial automation tasks that require a strong, precise, and adaptable gripping solution.

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    4.7/5 (3)

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Adam Greear

SPI Automation

Aug 20, 2023

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  • 2022
I used these grippers for an application to pickup a soda can. they worked great! the dynamic torque was easy to use. When I had questions my tech support rep was willing to help quickly over the phone. Highly recommended.

Salim Bourdache

Freelance Automation Engineer

Apr 5, 2023

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  • 2020
Integration of Onrobot 3FG15 Finger Gripper with KAWASAKI KJ155 for precise and complex assembly tasks in automotive manufacturing
The Onrobot 3FG15 Finger Gripper is a beast of a tool for gripping and manipulating objects in manufacturing environments. The gripper's adaptive fingers and force control capabilities give it the ability to securely grip a wide range of objects with different sizes and shapes, making it an excellent choice for tasks like assembly, pick-and-place, and quality control. One of the great things about this gripper is how easy it is to integrate with different robot brands. In terms of performance the Onrobot 3FG15 Finger Gripper delivers fast and accurate operation that enhances productivity and efficiency in the production line. Its high repeatability and precision ensure consistent quality control, reducing downtime and material waste.
That being said, the gripper isn't without its faults. We've found that it can be a bit finicky to set up and program and there's a bit of a learning curve involved in getting the most out of its features. The gripper's small size can make it difficult to use for larger objects or in environments where space is limited.

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