Things You Need to Know about Robot Accessories


What are Robot Accessories?

Robot accessories are defined as the external components that accompany or are attached to the main body of the robot.

Robot accessories could be an important aspect of automation with outfitting your robot. It is often the thought process of a specific brand, eg. Kinova, then a gripper on the end. This may not necessarily be the case.

Taking into consideration robot accessories may lead to saving space, time and money.

Some examples of robot accessories are protective covers, linear axis and cobot bases.

So what kind of benefits do these robot accessories, mentioned above, provide?

Here’s the breakdown:

What is the function of the protective cover?

A protective cover is designed to protect against paint, liquid, splashes, dust and dirt. The protective covers are usually slipped-over and often offer full protection. Protective covers can be customized to fit an array of robots depending on your needs.

What are the benefits of the linear axis?

Linear axis offers a range of horizontal positioning for cobot applications, which therefore allows users an increased machine performance, maximized uptime, reduced maintenance, improved safety and saved energy.

What is useful about a cobot base?

A cobot base is and can be a mobile cobot platform. It is a compact mobile workstation that allows for a complete integration of a robot, controller and teach pendant. An example of this is the Doosan mobile base.

A cobot base will allow for users to create a flexible and easy-to-relocate platform to any task, which may dramatically reduce downtime.

As mentioned previously, these are just a few examples of robot accessories.

So what are the things you need to know about robot accessories?

1. Robot accessories are not necessarily required but it is important to consider the long-term effects on cobots. This means extensively understanding the environments and requirements needed for a collaborative robot, or a robot to be able to function.

2. Robot accessories can be customized to fit your needs and requirements. This makes it more comprehensive and allows for your robot investment to be worthwhile. It may also possibly reduce any potential future maintenance costs.

3. Robot accessories can be a long term investment in which it protects and maintains the longevity of the robot. An example of this is the protective cover, as mentioned before, it protects the robots from any liquids, dust, dirt and more.

4. Robot accessories can provide an extra bit of flexibility to your production capacity. For example, a cobot base can be moved from different parts of the factory floor to work on various tasks. This would also potentially reduce further investments into more robots.

5. With the right robot accessories compatible with your robot, the robot will reach its full potential and will maximise your robot investments.


It is important to recognize the functionalities of robot accessories and the complete capabilities of the robot itself. It is not only a long-term investment into longevity, it is to maximize the overall investment in the robots. This would then in turn maximize the overall performance of your robots.

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Updated 21/10/22