Bota Systems Rokubi Specifications

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Robuki's Rokubi FT sensor is an excellent choice for a variety of applications due to its compact design, robust structure, and versatile features. With a weight of only 120g, this small form factor sensor is perfect for use in rehabilitation, robotic surgery, polishing, sanding, and other fine mechanics tasks.

This force-torque sensor is equipped with integrated signal processing electronics, a 6 DoF IMU, and temperature sensors, all housed in a compact package. It can measure on 6 axes with 6 DoF IMU (available only with EtherCAT communication), providing direct force and torque data in N and Nm. The sensor is also resistant to dust, water, and extreme environments, making it an ideal choice for outdoor and industrial applications.

The Rokubi FT sensor is compatible with a range of software platforms, including TwinCAT, ROS, LabVIEW, and MATLAB, which makes it easy to integrate into existing systems. Additionally, the sensor comes with complete installation kits for use with Kinova Jaco, making integration with this popular robotic arm easy.

One of the significant advantages of Robuki's Rokubi FT sensor is its open-source software compatibility, which enables users to customize and adjust the sensor's settings and functionalities according to their needs. The sensor is also CE compliant, ensuring that it meets the high-quality standards required for European markets.

Finally, the sensor is equipped with overload protection and high-stiffness structure, which means that it can withstand high impact forces and will not deform even under heavy loads. Overall, the Robuki Rokubi FT sensor is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, compact, and robust force-torque sensor for a wide range of applications.

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Product mass 0.12 kg
  • Collision/Torque Sensors
  • Compensation Unit
  • Compilance Devices
  • Connectors
  • Dispensers
  • Force Torque Sensors
  • Sanders
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tool Changers
  • Vacuum Generators
  • Welding Torches
  • Wrist Cameras
Overload 2500 N
Range 500 N
Temperature range 0 – 55 Celsius
Sampling Rate (Max.) 1000 Hz

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