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Tecnomatix® Robcad software enables the design, simulation, optimization, analysis and offline programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resources. It provides a concurrent engineering platform to optimize processes and calculate cycle times. With Robcad, you can design life-like, full-action mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems. Robcad enables manufacturers to flawlessly introduce automated processes by allowing manufacturing engineers to virtually validate automation concepts upfront.

• Increase manufacturing quality,
accuracy and profitability
• Reduce labor hours and process
engineering lead time
• Enable better use of production
• Reduce production costs
• Shorten production ramp-up time
through validated processes

• Interoperability with major MCAD
• Extensive robot libraries
• Component and complex kinematics
• 3D workcell layout definition
• Robotic path definition with reachability check, collision detection and
cycle time optimization
• Motion simulation and synchronization of multiple robots and devices
• Download/upload optimized
programs to/from the shop floor

Software type
  • Offline programming
  • Simulation
  • Monitoring
  • Bin picking
  • Palletizing
  • Calibration
  • Developer tools
  • Vision
  • Scheduling
  • Welding